Renbo - Sumie Kaneko
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Since he left

The feelings that arose

were for me entirely new.

Like a gardener who,

After long care and toil

Holds a marvelous peach, in his hand.

I feel the weight

The joy of  it

It is pure joy


Everywhere I feel his absence,

Like a sore that   aches.

It is a revelation/surprise to me

It is pure joy.

I feel his absence

Here, there everywhere Like a sore that aches.

 It is a revelation,

Feeling the pain but Embracing it

That is also a surprise

[A revelation to me

Like a sore that aches]

It is pure joy

Aya no Tsusumi - Toshinori Hamada
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The afterworld approaches yet I sleep

An autumn tinged with lust burdens my years

Dew and tears wet me through

And blossom-drops issued from my heart

Add new colour to these humble sleeves

Helpless victim of love’s tangled coil

I would as soon forget her, yet that wish

Affects me more than all remembering

So it is: in this world of ours

All goes for us as, for that man of old, want possession of a handsome horse:

Days speed past, years fly, the future comes,

yet where the road will lead our dewdrop life

We can ask of no more

O cruel fate!

Kaihou - Sumie Kaneko
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Listen! The raven screams

Of a death foretold

Come, spirits, make full my heart

With the direst design


Still, my blood, stiff & cold

    flows not

And dams the flow of remorse!

Let nothing stand in the way

    of my desire!

Suckle me and nurture,

Though not with mother’s milk, but

     with deadly intent and malice.

Shroud yourselves, in colors light.

For underneath, the darkest vapors

Of malevolence fester

And clamour for release!


Ina Ina - Sumie Kaneko
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No master would keep a servant

Who makes him ill.

Why would you, my husband,

Force me to keep her

 Against my will


If you don’t get rid of her,

 I will say on my dying bed,

That it is you, my husband,

Who stole my last breath.

You, my husband, my murderer

NO, no, no it’s unacceptable!


Til you remove your jagged sword

From my bleeding breast

It will always be no to you,

To your caress


If you do not send her away,

I will swear with my dying breath

That it was you, my husband

Who has caused my death

You, my husband, my murderer

The Music

Music by Kento Iwasaki

Lyrics by

Lee Douglass & Toshinori Hamada

Kengan - Yoko Reikano Kimura
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When I saw my husband

At last come round to me

This strange suffering body

Washed up upon the shore


Like a fisherman's wife

Whose husband was lost,

I went to the water's edge

      every day

Where I found his corpse wedged

Among the rocks of the bay


It was still breathing

Did I pull it out of the water?

No, all I did was stare

Until its hot exhalations died away

Did I care?



I knew if he were revived,

This dead body would

Flee with the tide

To some infinitely distant shore


Who would know that the tears

With which I bathed

My dying husband

Were not shed in grief for him?


For the demise of the passion

That had brightened

His dying hours for me, I cry

But for his loss... his death...

My eyes remain dry.

Noh Ghost - Toshinori Hamada
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THE AHORASETSU (Original NOH verse)


The Ahorasetsu (an ogre) fiends hell

Shriek such reproaches as they strike, shattering bone,

Or driving sinners on to board the hideous chariot of fire.

 Their torments could not be worse.

O terror!

Where must this karma lead?

Retribution looms before my eyes.

Araumi - Sumie Kaneko
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I have abused the ship of my spirit

My boat is about to go under

I haven't called for help

And have deprived myself of harbor


O! Let me drown in this glorious moment


Salt water tears burn my eyes

All I've known is torn asunder

The burning ship sets my sails afire

Intoxicated by going under


Death’s endless night is all I have before me


I have abused the ship of my spirit

Even if my ship sinks

I won’t call for help

And will deprive myself of harbor


But if I thrive in you

Yet still am cast away

I will rejoice that

My love for you

Was the cause of my decay


Now the time has come

That I must swim

This tempestuous sea

Death's endless night is all I have before me

Jyou en - Sumie Kaneko
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What is love? What is love?

A blessing

From a decaying angel


Embrace the pain that devours me

Of burning desire

Of ice and fire

Embrace embrace embrace

What is love?

Love is a girl who is mad and crazy

And drunk on fire whose putrid stench

intoxicates the mind

Obey the flames

that consume me Love so empty

A purposeless passion

What is love? What is love?

but the prick

Of a scorpion's tail

Whose venomous sting

Paralyzes the heart

Embrace the pain that devours me

Of burning desire

Of ice and fire

What is love?

Konpaku - Sumie Kaneko
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Drawn by the dream, I now

Run from the nightmare

In that infinite moment

Without beginning or end


I’m not afraid of the afterlife

Nor fear the tormenting demon

But embrace the bloody end

As the escape/path that I’ve chosen


Where the fires become embers

The flames slow to glows

And my heart turns to stone

And blood ceases to flow.


The simple spirit separates from the body and becomes light

Nothing holds my spirit to this life anymore

Northern winds carry me away and

Turn my body into snow

Throw me to the wind

What is this incredible lightness of being?

Tousetsu - Yoko Reikano Kimura
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Let snow fall

To where I tread not on earth

Extinguish all fires

And burning desires

Let it freeze

The scream of the rooster

This world’s end

Beyond earthly realm

And to the afterlife


I can scarcely breathe (draw my breath)

My body grows rigid

I can not move

Enveloped in a blanket of falling snow


Of everlasting snow

Let me freeze

I can scarcely move

Or draw my breath


Let me freeze

Let me freeze

Let me freeze

Again to death.