Born in Osaka Japan, Satomi Shikata (AKA, Sato) is an independent performing artist of dance, theater and music. In 1993, Satomi moved to New York City and worked as a modern dancer with Igal Perry, Mark Dendy, Daniel Gwirtzman, and Lynn Neuman.


She is a founding/core member of Constellation Moving Company – a New York based Aerial Dance Theater since 2009. Satomi often performs under the stage name “Cyberbutoh” and continues as a dedicated performer and creator.  


Satomi is original cast member of “Kate’s Chink-o-Rama” with comedy star Kate Rigg, bringing original dance, sketch and choreography to the company which toured internationally from 2000-2004.


Her other passions include: silk, rope, lyra, trapeze aerial performance and Argentine Tango. Film credits: “Bare feet negotiation” a dance film directed and choreographed by Charlotte Griffin 2008; “Subway Poetry” spoken word and movement with Kate Rigg (on going work).

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